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Datalization for all

What We Do

Lucid Consulting

Whatever your level of maturity regarding the valorization of data in your company, our Luciders are your trusted advisors to design and implement a data roadmap.

We will work closely with your different business units to explore how data, advanced analytics, AI and ML can produce tangible business outcomes for your company, and help solve complex challenges. 

Lucid factory

Our core business is the development of tailor-made data solutions and models.

Whether it is a data engineering project, AI & ML model development, the implementation and integration of artificial intelligence, exploring Natural Language Processing (NLP) on your projects, Laboratory Automation, personalized medicine, multi-Omics research, or chemoinformatic applications.

Lucid 911

You have a specific data or analytics problem ?  You wish to challenge your roadmap ? You don’t know if your business case can be resolved with the data you have ? You are new to this rapidly growing field of data science, AI / ML and are looking for some clarity and guidance ?… Whatever your request, our team will setup a visiocall with you to understand your problem, and produce a report with recommendations in the following weeks.

Our Approach

Business understanding
Define the product to create or insights to deliver
Data identification and collection
Document data sources, collection method and deliver 2 raw datasets
First analysis and cleaning
Perform Exploratory data analysis and create a cleaning pipeline
modelling and mathematical analysis
Advanced methods to find insights or create prototype of MVP
Validate models on external dataset
Technical deployment, Data pipelines, software engineering and presentation to the business

Become a  Lucider

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Lucid’s benefits and advantages


In addition to all public holidays, we offer 25 days of paid vacation days to all employees, as we know from experience time off is beneficial to your health, your work-life balance and hence your focus at work.

Parent leave

As we believe a new member in your family should be welcomed by both parents, all new fathers will be given 2 additional weeks of paid holidays on top of the 2 legal weeks of paternity leave.


Sports and outdoor activities are one of the best ways to disconnect from work, while reconnecting with your body and nature. That’s why all employees have a monthly budget for gym memberships, sport activities, marathon, trail inscription, etc


We have a California Van available for all employees to borrow for free and enjoy the Alps !


We offer monthly commuting benefits.

Pension and retirement

We offer a solid retirement coverage and matching, so that you don’t have to worry about your old age.

Relocation package

If you are moving from abroad, a relocation package up to 1500 CHF is available for each new employee for truck renting, moving services, AirBnb, etc

Continuous Learning

We all love to learn, and we bet you do to. To participate in your development, all employees have a 50 CHF/month budget to buy books (or trainings) related to their professional development.

Start to give back

We are not a non-profit organization. However, we are trying to find ways to give back to society, and decided that each employee can decide to take 1 paid day per year to work for a charitable organization.

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